Student Presentations

Final Touches to the United Nations Proposals

Grade 6 students,

You are in the final stages of your United Nations proposal.

Whether you are using,

or a combination of many applications

1. Please save your final presentation as:

Example: firstname firstnamepartner topic color homebaseteacher(s)

For real, it might look something like this: annie paolo coffee gold feren powell

2. Place the final video/audio/presentation in Google Drive shared relationship topic portfolio folder(same place as your storyboard).

 3. Change the sharing permissions on the video.  (This makes it easier for the world to view your videos.)
Click the Share then “Who can Access” Button. Change to People at ISM.

Jerry Spinelli -Loser- By Tina E

This is a video of my author research for novel studies. My author is Jerry Spinelli.

Tina E.

Pilar’s Author Research on Jerry Spinelli

Meet the FlyGuy!

Home for the break? Missing school? Here is a little something to cheer you up. Planned and created by Sophia in Grade 6.

To see more interesting animations check out the latest by the iDesign students here.

Create your own movies by downloading the free program Stykz.

The World According to Us

see more here

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