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English and Social Studies My name is Jeff Phillips, and I am really looking forward to working with this great bunch of sixth graders in English and Social Studies this year. I am originally from Canada but have lived and worked internationally before. I just came from Kuwait before moving to Manila last year. I am looking forward to my second year at ISM with my wife Mrs. Phillips who is in Grade 3 and our first baby Mara who was born in June.
 Mr. McKnightDavid McK Math  Welcome to 6th grade Mathematics.  I am a new faculty member of ISM this year. I am very excited to be here teaching 6th grade.  I came from Qatar where I taught math from 6th to 12th grade.  I love to travel and maintain a reasonable level of fitness by participating in fun runs and triathlons.  During the summer months in Canada I enjoy working on my classic Chevy along with the occasional building project.  As a teacher I love to share my life stories and I will be incorporating them into my lessons throughout the year.  2015-16 is going to be a fun and exciting year.
Tim Benford
English & Social Studies Welcome to English and Social Studies on the Green Side. A quarter of the 6th graders are in safe hands with me.  I can’t believe that me and my family are in our fourth year here at ISM, and that my eldest daughter Asia is now in 6th grade, and almost as tall as me.  I love playing basketball and I am very proud of the ISM intramural staff and faculty league that I am running.  This year, we are going to have 7 teams, so if you are a parent or alumni who would like to join a team, then please let me know ASAP.  In other news, my youngest offspring Easton is in Grade 2 and my wife Marie est une professeuse de Francais dans l’ecole secondaire ici at ISM. Second last, but not least I am very active in service learning here at ISM, so if you would like to get involved with that, then please let me know.  OK, I (actually my hired ghostwriter) should stop writing now because this post has become almost as big as the smile with which I greet my students every day.
Wayne Hamaguchi Math It’s my twelfth year at ISM, and the seventh in 6th grade Math.  I’m excited about teaching Math and look forward to working with half of all the grade six students.  Like most of you, I like to travel and lie around at the beach.  I love to golf but unfortunately, my game seems to be getting worse, not better.  I love to eat but that’s now in jeopardy since I joined the “biggest loser” club at school.  Oh, I am a Canadian and I love ice hockey!  I predict another great year for the teachers and students of sixth grade!
Vida VergelPicture11 Science My name is Mrs. Vida Vergel and I am the Green Team science teacher. I am very excited to be in this team and love working with sixth graders and with the sixth grade teachers. Sometimes, students ask me how long I have been teaching at ISM. My answer always is: “Longer than you’ve been alive, Sweetie.”
Neil Freeman     Science Does it get better than blue on blue?  It does!  Look no further than Gold Team science, where by the end of the year students will learn how to make Gold from recycled paper.  🙂 This is my fifth year in 6th grade after having spent the previous three years teaching High School Math here at ISM.  Prior to that, I have taught en Nicaragua, Misr (Egypt) and  ‘Stralia.  I’m from Toronto, Canadabut was born in South Africa, so despite my boyish good looks, I’ve been around! My wife, Ms. McElhinney teaches 4th grade at ISM and we have two little ones.  I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that 6th graders bring to class every day.  I like long walks in the park, basketball, staying late at ISM on my no drive day, and playing 2-on-2 ball hockey with Mr. Hamaguchi, Mr. Sturgeon and Mr. Phillips.
Ms. WalkerIMG_2416  English & Social Studies Ms. Holly Walker eagerly joined the grade 6 English and Social Studies team at ISM for the 2015-2016 school year! Previously, Ms. Walker spent three great years teaching teaching middle school Kuwait. However, she is originally from the great state of Colorado, where she developed her love of nature, attended University as a History major, and started her beloved teaching career. Ms. Walker enjoys reading (all genres!), music, memes, trivia, friends, family, and of course: teaching! She is so excited to be an ISM Bearcat!
Ms. Beckrosie pic  English & Social Studies Ms Rosie Beck is very excited to be starting her international teaching career here at ISM. She has been teaching in London, UK for 5 years where she was the Social Studies leader at her elementary school. Originally from the south west of England, Ms Beck enjoys drama, music, tennis and traveling.







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